Hi everyone

Hi everyone

I just want to share some thoughts with you on my life after the 2016 season. 2017 has so far been a special year for myself and Anders. Not only for us, but for the whole Even Management as well. From being super busy concentrating on finding those extra tenths on the stages, pr work, testing etc, to now having a lot of free time and trying to find the way back to the WRC in the best possible way. The #FightbackToWRC is quite a life changer! But I do enjoy a challenge, and I'm now facing an exciting one!

We are now 4 months into the season and I have to admit it is heartbreaking not to be a part of the WRC, where we belong. I miss being a part of the great wrc family fighting in the stages with my friends who also is the worlds best drivers. If someone thinks that I, my co-driver and my management are just sitting there and waiting to be back, you are so wrong. We are all working hard in many areas to be prepared for the future, some of this I will share with you here on a later occasion. It’s exciting times right now, and what happens this year and probably next year, will be very important for my future in the WRC.

I now feel that I have the skills needed and the experience to win the World Rally Championship. But I know I can not do that alone, not only do you need a good team and a good car, but most important is the will to put in everything you have for a great partnership. I believe it is my responsibility to play a major role in creating the best team and together win the championship!

These last months I have had more free time so I have been training al lot. I am now in my best ever physical shape. I’ve also picked up motocross again for my training. That is the best training I can do. Both physically and mentally and its also so fun! So, when I step into that WRC car again I will be more ready than ever.

Rallying is everything to me. More than I thought in the first place. Its a special feeling I have had the last months, a feeling I remember having several times before. Its the same feeling as when I would go on a vacation just after a bad rally. I remember going on vacation last year after Rally Mexico where we crashed out on the 2nd day ending the rally with 0 points. I went directly on a vacation to Thailand with the family which normally is just good feelings and super relaxing. However, after our bad rally in Mexico I had the worst time ever. Its like you dont deserve to be on that vacation at all. The feeling is that your life is going in the wrong direction, something is not feeling right. I am not a happy person, not the Andreas I normally am.

Even if this feeling is very hard to cope with and brings me in a bad mood, I still think that it is a very good thing, especially for a sports person. Remember, I gambled everything to succseed in this sport. I put education on the side because I wanted to go all in because I truly believed I had what it takes to be the best in this sport. To stand here now on the outside truly hurts. BUT if it would not hurt I could just quit straight away. It has to hurt, if not, then It would not have meant enough and I would never have had a chance to be world champion. At least not willing to do what it takes.

I AM willing to do what it takes and I WILL be back in a WRC-car again. Just watch me, the fightback is on!

All the best,

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