Going for Rallye Monte-Carlo victory with Skoda Motorsport

Going for Rallye Monte-Carlo victory with Skoda Motorsport

It’s a guest-appearance when Andreas Mikkelsen competes at the Rallye Monte-Carlo in a Skoda Fabia R5 at the 2017 season opener, with Skoda Motorsport. He wants to be the quickest WRC2 car.

Andreas are looking forward to compete with Skoda Motorsport again. – I have many great memories from earlier days with Skoda, we clinched the IRC championship twice together! So, it’s a bit like coming home driving with them at Rallye Monte-Carlo. I’m so much looking forward to it.

Even though he has very little experience with the Skoda Fabia R5, Andreas realizes that he is one of the favorite to win this event. – We will do our best to help Skoda Motorsport to a victory. We came second here last year, so it should be possible in the WRC2. We had a good test and we have worked hard with our preparations, so I feel we are ready.

Rallye Monte-Carlo starts at the Casino Square in Monte-Carlo on Thursday evening, followed with two night-stages. The rallye is a tarmac-event, but the stages up in the mountains can easily be icy, wet, dry and snowy. Sometimes you can have it all at the same stage.

Andreas’ team-mate from EVEN management, Pontus Tidemand, will be piloting another Skoda Fabia R5 at Rallye Monte-Carlo.

Itinerary Rallye Monte-Carlo 2017

Wednesday 18 January
16:00 Shakedown (3,35km)

Thursday 19 January
20:14 SS1 Entrevaux-Val de Chalvagne – Ubraye (21,25km)
22:57 SS2 Bayons – Breziers 1 (25,49km)
00:02 FlexiService Gap

Friday 20 January
10:11 SS3 Agnieres en Devoluy – Le Motty 1 (24,63km)
10:44 SS4 Aspres Les Corps – Chaillol 1 (38,94km)
11:47 SS5 St Leger Les Melezes – La Batie Neuve 1 (16,83km)
13:02 Service Gap
14:28 SS6 Agnieres en Devoluy – Le Motty 2 (24,63km)
15:01 SS7 Aspres Les Corps – Chaillol 2 (38,94km)
16:04 SS8 St Leger Les Melezes – La Batie Neuve 2 (16,83km)
17:14 FlexiService Gap

Saturday 21 January
08:08 SS9 Lardier et Valencia – Oze 1 (31,17km)
08:58 SS10 La Batie Montsaleon – Faye 1 (16,78km)
10:07 Service Gap
11:13 SS11 Lardier et Valencia – Oze 2 (31,17km)
12:08 SS12 La Batie Montsaleon – Faye 2 (16,78km)
13:17 Service Gap
15:03 SS13 Bayons – Breziers 2 (25,49km)
16:23 Service Gap

Sunday 22 January
09:22 SS14 Luceram – Col St Roch 1 (5,50km)
10:12 SS15 La Bollene Vesubie – Peira Cava 1 (21,36km)
11:00 SS16 Luceram – Col St Roch 2 (5,50km)
12:18 SS17 La Bollene Vesubie – Peira Cava 2 Powerstage (21,36km)

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