Andreas Mikkelsen aims for Rally Poland podium

Andreas Mikkelsen aims for Rally Poland podium

After a successful test ahead of his favorite rally, Andreas Mikkelsen are now looking forward to Rally Poland with Citroën Total Abu Dhabi WRT this week. Rally Poland will be his second rally with the French team and the new Citroën C3 WRC.

The Norwegian had his first outing with the Citroën C3 WRC at Rally Italia Sardegna two weeks ago, and he knew then that he needed a little bit more time to get to know the car and to adapt his driving. Now, after two days of testing, he feels more comfortable are says he is ready to fight for the top podium spots.

- We have done a few changes and there is no doubt that I now feel more at home behind the wheels. Now I believe I can drive the car more like I want to and that means I’m pretty sure we are able to be up there fighting in the top, he says.

Together with co-driver Anders Jæger, he won Rally Poland last year. And with P2 both in 2015 and 2014 there is no doubt that this is an event that Andreas enjoys very much.

- Yes, I consider Rally Poland as one of my favorite events, also based on the good results we’ve had there the last years. I know most of the stages from earlier, but some is new for this year. It’s going to a good challenge!

Rally Poland is described as the fastest rally on the WRC calendar, and Andreas easily confirms that.

- The stages are mostly farm-roads, narrow, but super fast, and quite a few junctions. New this year is the chicanes, put there to slow the new cars down. I do have only one event with the new generation cars, and I know the speed is going to be a challenge. You enter the corners with a much higher speed than before, and hopefully the downforce allows you to keep a higher speed through the corners. If you want to fight for a podium in Poland, you have to be on it from the very first stage, which I will!

Itinerary Rally Poland 2017

Thursday 29 June
19:08 SS1 Super Special Stage Mikolajki Arena 1 (2,50km)

Friday 30 June
07:15 SS2 Chmielewo 1 (6,52km)
09:00 SS3 Wieliczki 1 (15,96km)
09:55 SS4 Swietajno 1 (19,60km)
10:40 SS5 Stare Juchy 1 (13,50km)
12:40 Service
13:45 SS6 Chmielewo 2 (6,52km)
15:30 SS7 Wieliczki 2 (15,96km)
16:25 SS8 Swietajno 2 (19,60km)
17:10 SS9 Stare Juchy 2 (13,50km)
19:08 SS10 Super Special Stage Mikolajki Arena 2 (2,50km)
19:28 Service

Saturday 1 July
08:08 SS11 Baranowo 1 (15,55km)
09:20 SS12 Pozezdrze 1 (24,98km)
10:45 SS13 Goldap 1 (14,75km)
11:35 SS14 Kruklanki 1 (19,58km)
13:12 Service
14:08 SS15 Baranowo 2 (15,55km)
15:20 SS16 Pozezdrze 2 (24,28km)
16:45 SS17 Goldap 2 (14,75km)
17:35 SS18 Kruklanki 2 (19,58km)
19:30 SS19 Super Special Stage Mikolajki 3 (2,50km)
19:50 Service

Sunday 2 July
08:10 SS20 Orzysz 1 (11,15km)
09:08 SS21 Paprotki 1 (18,68km)
10:45 SS22 Orzysz 2 (11,15km)
12:18 SS23 Paprotki 2 Power Stage (18,68km)
13:40 Service
14:30 Podium Mikolajki Main Square

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