Tour de Corse 2018

Tour de Corse 2018

Tour de Corse will be the first proper tarmac-event on the calendar this season. – The Corsica stages is just corner after corner and you need to quickly find the rhythm, Andreas says, and he explains he was not fully comfortable after Rally Spain last year, the only tarmac-event he and Anders have contested with Hyundai Motorsport.

- We’ve worked hard during the tests and we have tried to set up the car so that it suits my driving style better. I know we still have a long way to go, but it will be exciting to see how far we have come. Team-mate Thierry have a different driving-style, and the car looks to be fit better with that.

As a former downhill-skier Andreas knows how quickly it is to find a good rhythm on the stages with all the corners. The rally is nicknamed “10.000 corners”.

- This is event is a typically Rally Corsica event, with few but very long stages. We will be thrown straight in to it, with a 50 kilometer long stage on Friday morning! You need to be on it from the start, if not you can easily drop more than 30 seconds on the first stage. Finding the rhythm immediately is crucial, you need to be “one” with the car and just dance through the corners.

The Norwegian, who is currently 3rd in the championship, would like to get a podium after the disappointing 4th place in Mexico last month and plans to up the pace.

- We are always targeting a fight for a podium position, that’s why we are not very happy with the result in Mexico. We aim higher than fourth places. Maybe I was a little bit too careful there, based on my earlier experience. Combined with not the perfect set up, we were just not quick enough. Which was disappointing. But, we were clever and stayed out of trouble and were rewarded with important championship points. The plan for Corsica is another good result where we can secure more championship points and get closer to the leaders.

Tour de Corse

Friday 6 April
09:50 SS1 La Porta – Valle di Rostino 1 (49,03km)
11:09 SS2 Piedigriggio – Pont de Castirla 1 (13,55km)
13:47 Service Bastia Airport
15:12 SS3 La Porta – Valle di Rostino 2 (49,03km)
16:31 SS4 Piedigriggio – Pont de Castirla 2 (13,55km)
19:01 Service Bastia Airport

Saturday 7 April
07:37 SS5 Cagnano – Pino-Canari 1 (35,61km)
09:18 SS6 Desert des Agriates 1 (15,45km)
11:08 SS7 Novella 1 (17,39km)
13:31 Service Bastia Airport
15:21 SS8 Cagnano – Pino-Canari 2 (35,61km)
17:02 SS9 Desert des Agriates 2 (15,45km)
18:39 SS10 Novella 2 (17,39km)
20:10 Service Bastia Airport

Sunday 8 April
07:00 Service Bastia Airport
09:23 SS11 Vero – Sarrola-Carcopino (55,17km)
10:55 Regroup Porticcio
12:18 SS12 Penitencier de Coti-Chiavari Power Stage (16,25km)
15:00 Podium Ajaccio

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