Still a lot of work to be done after Tour de Corse

Still a lot of work to be done after Tour de Corse

A disappointing weekend at Tour de Corse, rewarded with 7th O/A. – We still have a long way to go before we find the tarmac-setup that will work for us, Andreas says.

The Hyundai Motorsport driver admits that the 4th event on the 2018 calendar turned out to be a very frustrating one. He knows that with the right setup, the car is very competitive on tarmac. But finding the correct one turned out to be a huge challenge.

- This has been a very difficult weekend, and to finish 7th is not what we came here for. I knew it was going to be very challenging, but I was expecting to be a little bit faster than we were. Now we all have to work hard and find some good options for the next tarmac event. We do have some time ahead of the rally in Germany, and we need to work hard to find a way to combine drivingstyle and car-setup. I finished second in Germany in 2017, I know I can drive on tarmac!

For Tour de Corse it is crucial to find the correct rhtyhm with the car. With corner after corner, you will loose time quickly if you are not getting in to the flow.

- We tried to push many times, but then we got a lot of understeer and went even slower. Now I’m looking forward to get back on to gravel, and Rally Argentina in two weeks time.

Seb Ogier won Tour de Corse, Ott Tanak claimed second and Hyundai Motorsport team-mate Thierry Neuville took 3rd.

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