Rally Portugal 2018 - preview

Rally Portugal 2018 - preview

Andreas Mikkelsen are currently holding 4th place in the championship standings and are aiming to get closer to top 3 at Rally Portugal. The WRC are back in Europe for round 6 of the 2018 calendar, and Porto is host to the gravel event.

The Norwegian travelled home from Rally Argentina with a fith-place in the bag. Even though he is not aiming for 5th places, there was a lot of positives to take home after the South-American event. The 28-year-old were leading the rally, but a damaged tyre saw him drop down the leaderboard. He still managed to get a strong finish, and plan to use that for Rally Portugal.

- We had a good finish to Rally Argentina, and we will try to keep that when we start Rally Portugal. We are aiming to get closer to the top 3 in the championship, says Andreas, who claimed third in the championship three years in a row from 2014.

This will be the sixth time Andreas competes at Rally Portugal, with a second position from 2016 as his best result so far. As car number 4 on the road, he predicts it could be a huge challenge to win this time.

- Road-position is important at this event. It’s a huge advantage to start further down in the field. That’s why I’m not so focused on winning this one, it’s more important to beat the guys ahead of us in the championship. You need to be on speed from the start if you want to be in the fight at Rally Portugal. It’s a rough event, with more of a constant grip. If it rains it turns in to a mud-bath, and you need to make some good tyre-choices as the second pass is extremely rough.

Itinerary Rally Portugal 2018 (Portugal er -1t på norsk tid)

Thursday 17 May
07:30 Shakedown Paredes (4,60km)
19:03 SS1 Lousada SSS (3,36km)

Friday 18 May
09:15 SS2 Viana do Castelo 1 (26,73km)
10:20 SS3 Caminha 1 (18,11km)
10:53 SS4 Ponte de Lima 1 (27,54km)
13:40 Service Exponor
15:25 SS5 Viana do Castelo 2 (26,73km)
16:30 SS6 Caminha 2 (18,11km)
17:03 SS7 Ponte de Lima 2 (27,54km)
19:03 SS8 Porto Street Stage 1 (1,95km)
19:28 SS9 Porto Street Stage 2 (1,95km)

Saturday 19 May
09:08 SS10 Vieira do Minho 1 (17,50km)
09:46 SS11 Cbeceiras de Basto 1 (22,22km)
11:05 SS12 Amarante 1 (37,60km)
13:00 Service
15:08 SS13 Vieira do Minho 2 (17,50km)
15:46 SS14 Cabeveiras de Basto 2 (22,22km)
17:05 SS15 Amarante 2 (37,60km)

Sunday 20 May
08:35 SS16 Montim 1 (8,64km)
09:08 SS17 Fafe 1 (11,18km)
09:36 SS18 Luilhas (11,89km)
10:35 SS19 Montim 2 (8,64km)
12:18 SS20 Fafe 2 (PowerStage)

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