To all my family in Volkswagen Motorsport

To all my family in Volkswagen Motorsport

Wow, what can I say. This is heart breaking. The last couple of days has been very hard and very emotional. To learn that Volkswagen is stopping our highly successful program that we all have worked so hard for came as a shock.

I came into this team in 2011 and I was there when we entered our first rally in Finland with the Skoda so we all could be ready for the 2013 debut. To have been a part of this since the very beginning has been amazing. Not only because the car has been so fast and successful but also because of the many nice people I have gotten to know during this journey. People who have become very close friends of mine. Even if we are 200 people working in the company I have to say we all have become one big family during our time together. A time I will never forget and always will be close to my heart.

I want to thank everyone who put their faith in me when you all gave me this huge opportunity in 2011 to come in as a junior. These years has been amazing and I could not ask for better people to be around me. To have been a part of you has been a real privilege that someone could only dream of.

It will be really tough to travel to Australia now. It will be an emotional rally for all of us I´m sure. It´s not before it´s over you really know how lucky you have been. I really, really have that feeling now. I can´t wait to go to Australia and start up the Polo for the last time and kick some ass like we all always do, enjoy and take in every moment of that.

See you all Down Under,

All the best,

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