Ready for Rally Sweden 2019

Ready for Rally Sweden 2019

Andreas Mikkelsen and co-driver Anders Jaeger-Amland are looking forward to compete on snow and ice, when Rally Sweden gets underway later this week. Friday’s test will take place on home-soil for the Norwegian.

«Rally Sweden is my absolute favorite! It’s the only proper snow/ ice rally and it is the closest I get to a home-rally. In fact, with Friday stages we cross the border and compete in Norway! That’s very special to me. All the Norwegians and their flags and small fires creates and amazing atmosphere along the stages and it is a giant energy-boost!”

Andreas Mikkelsen have been close to victory several times at Rally Sweden, and on the podium 3 times before. This is the eight time he starts the classic high speed event, named by many drivers as the “playground” on the WRC-calendar.

«I’ve been very close to victory in Sweden a few times, so my expectations this year are very high. We had a good test and I got a very good feeling with the car. We should also be able to take advantage of our starting-position, especially if it snows, it’s better to starter further down the list. If it doesn’t snow and gets icy instead, well – then we just have to deal with that then. No matter what, we come to Sweden to fight for a podium!”

Rally Sweden 2019 – Itinerary

Thursday February 14
08:00 Shakedown Skalla (6,86km)
20:08 SS1 Super Special Stage Karlstad 1 (1,90km)

Friday February 15
07:55 SS2 Hof-Finnskog 1 (21,26km)
09:08 SS3 Svullrya 1 (24,88km)
09:59 SS4 Röjden 1 (18,10km)
11:34 Service Torsby
13:54 SS5 Hof-Finnskog 2 (21,26km)
15:17 SS6 Svullrya 2 (24,88km)
16:08 SS7 Röjden 2 (18,10km)
17:14 SS8 Torsby 1 (8,93km)
17:50 Service Torsby

Saturday February 16
07:44 SS9 Rämmen 1 (23,13km)
08:35 SS10 Hagfors 1 (23,40km)
09:37 SS11 Vargåsen 1 (14,21km)
10:53 Service Torsby
13:02 SS12 Rämmen 2 (23,13km)
13:53 SS13 Hagfors 2 (23,40km)
15:08 SS14 Vargåsen 2 (14,21km)
17:45 SS14 Super Special Stage Karlstad 2 (1,90km)
19:30 SS15 Torsby Sprint (2,80km)
20:00 Service Torsby

Sunday February 17
07:50 SS16 Likenäs 1 (21,19km)
09:51 SS17 Likenäs 2 (21,19km)
12:18 SS18 Torsby 2 (Power Stage) (8,93km)

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