Ready for the tough Rally Argentina gravel action

Ready for the tough Rally Argentina gravel action

This weekend the WRC takes us to Argentina and the 5th round of the 2019 Championship. We are in South America for a double-header, were we start with Rally Argentina for the second round on gravel, and will continue to Chile only two weeks later.

Rally Argentina will see crews return to tough gravel stages with soft and sandy roads in the valleys contrasting with rockier, punishing stages high up in the mountains. The event is popular with crews and fans alike with around a million spectators lining the routes to cheer on their WRC heroes.

“Argentina is, without doubt, one of my favourite gravel rallies. There are a huge number of spectators and passionate fans, which creates an incredible atmosphere. The stages are in really nice condition, a little bit sandy compared to other gravel events that increase the grip level. As a result, we can set the car sideways into the corners and then push to the maximum. There are also the classic Argentina stages El Condor and Mina Clavero, which offer the ultimate test of man and machine. My aim is to fight in the front and to finish on the podium.”

Rally Argentina 2019 Itinerary

Thursday 25th April
10:00 Shakedown (4,25km)
19:08 SS1 Super Especial Villa Carlos Paz (1,90km)

Friday 26 April
08:08 SS2 Las Bajadas/ Ville del Dique 1 (16,65km)
08:55 SS3 Amboy/ Yacanto 1 (29,85km)
10:08 SS4 Santa Rosa/ San Agustin (23,44km)
12:03 SS5 Super Especial Fernet Branca 1 (2 laps) (6,04km)
Service Carlos Paz 40 mins
14:51 SS6 Las Bajadas/ Villa del Dique 2 (16,65km)
15:38 SS7 Amboy/ Yacanto 2 (29,85km)
16:51 SS8 Santa Rosa/ San Agustin 2 (23,44km)
Flexi Service Carlos Paz 45 mins

Saturday 27 April
07:47 SS9 Tanti – Mataderos (13,92km)
08:38 SS10 Mataderos – Cuchilla Nevada (22,67km)
09:25 SS11 Cuchilla Nevada – Characato (33,65km)
11:26 SS12 Super Especial Fernet Branca 2 (2 laps) (6,04km)
Service Carlos Paz 40 mins
13:17 SS13 Tanti – Mataderos 2 (13,92km)
14:08 SS14 Mataderos – Cuchilla Nevada 2 (22,67km)
14:55 SS15 Cuchilla Nevada – Characato 2 (33,65km)
Flexi Service Carlos Paz 45 mins

Sunday 28 April
09:08 SS16 Copina – El Condor (16,43km)
10:31 SS17 Mina Clavero – Giulio Cesare (20,30km)
12:18 SS18 Power Stage El Condor (16,43km)
Service Carlos Paz 10 mins

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